Professional Window Cleaning Services - Building Maintenance Services
Professional Window Cleaning Services

SMG provides professional window and exterior surface cleaning for your office complex or industrial facility. With our advanced cleaning equipment and trained personnel, your building will shine and gleam like never before. And when you step inside, you'll notice a visibly brighter environment through beautifully streak-free windows.

As a recognized leader in the window cleaning services, SMG is proud to serve all business sectors including multi-tenant office complexes with nationally recognized corporate clients, retail and entertainment venues, as well as manufacturing and industrial operations.

SMG provides “top to bottom” building maintenance services:

  • Window Cleaning Services
  • Key Client Benefits
  • SMG - Window Cleaning ServicesSMG specializes in safe, reliable, quality, mid-rise and high-rise window cleaning.
  • Complete interior window and glass surface cleaning.
  • Exterior metal and composite wall systems/smooth panel building systems/façades.
  • General access building exteriors via (RDS) Rope Descent Systems that are safe, quickly deployed, and OSHA compliant.
  • Other services such as the cleaning of interior and exterior glass partitions and shelters, shade and louver systems, outdoor LED screens, etc., can be arranged upon request.
  • SMG - Window Cleaning ServicesClients, business prospects and employees will all be pleased with the visual effect of clean windows and building exterior.
  • Improved light transmission for a fresh and bright work environment.
  • Consistent and professional maintenance can prevent other building problems from arising.
  • Learn more: SMG - Window Cleaning Safety Points.pdf