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SaniGLAZE Tile and Grout Restoration

The SaniGLAZE™ Tile and Grout Restoration process saves you time and money. The SaniGLAZE grout restoration solution is different – it's a unique bonding process that eliminates the need to frequently contract a tile and grout cleaning company, is less expensive than complete re-grouting or replacement, and can be completed with minimal downtime.

SMG has implemented the SaniGLAZE™ system in a number of demanding environments and service applications. We have worked successfully with many schools and hospitals in the area such as Yale University, Yale Medical Center and St. Raphaels Hospital, where we have helped contribute to safe, clean and eco-friendly facilities. Competitors simply surface clean tile and grout, but the SaniGLAZE™ process not only restores the original shine but provides durable surface protection. This multi-step process with proprietary products and systems for cleaning stained grout is a simple, effective and affordable restoration process.

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  • The SaniGLAZE Process
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  • Key Client Benefits

New Tile & Grout Without Replacement!
SaniGLAZE - New Tile and Grout Without Restoration

  • The SaniGLAZE Tile and Grout Restoration process begins with extracting all contaminants from your grout, returning it to like-new condition.
  • We follow that with our polymer bonding process, which transforms your grout into a non-porous surface. This bonds the clean grout with a proprietary armor-like polymer material that makes it non-porous, and coats the surface with a proprietary protective coating.
  • Lastly, our protective coating is applied creating a moisture-proof shield so future contaminants can no longer penetrate the surface. The protective SaniGLAZE coatings keep all contaminants on the surface, where they can easily be removed.
  • For in-depth information about the process and benefits, please visit the SaniGLAZE™ website.

SaniGLAZE - Before and After photos

saniGLAZE - Before and After photos

SaniGLAZE - Before and After photos



  • Long-Lasting/Permanent:
    The protective coatings in the SaniGLAZE process prevent contaminants from getting into the porous grout and tile surfaces, which helps keep your floor looking new for years, and prevents the need for replacement.
  • Sanitization: 
    Microorganisms and contaminants that produce mold, mildew and other unsanitary conditions cannot penetrate the tough barrier created by the SaniGLAZE procedure. This improves cleanliness of the floors and can even produce better air quality.
  • Low or No VOCs for Improved Air Quality:
    After the SaniGLAZE Process is complete, your new sustainable tile and grout flooring can be maintained with products that contain low or no VOCs. In addition, the SaniGLAZE Extended Protection Plan — featuring EverGLAZE ceramic tile cleaner — is part of this new and healthier environment. This can all lead to better interior air quality for your office, building or place of business.
  • For in-depth information about the process and benefits, visit the SaniGLAZE™ website.