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Facility Maintenance Software (FMS) Overview

The Facility Maintenance Software (FMS) is a state-of-the art, full-featured system that is offered as a no-cost option to all SMG clients. FMS allows our staff to provide consistently high quality service to you — SMG staff, team leaders and management are provided with a detail-rich, highly accurate representation of the current and ongoing status of our cleaning and building maintenance activities.

We then go further, by providing our clients with the relevant information and reports they need to monitor, assess and adjust if necessary their own SMG suite of services. FMS helps us identify, resolve and confirm with you the quick resolution of any issues. And the best part is, this full-featured system is offered as a no-cost option to all SMG clients!

FMS takes a comprehensive approach to better service:

  • Features
  • Inspections
  • Tracking
  • Communication
  • Job Scheduling

SMG's Facility Management System (FMS)Advanced inspections & tracking with the
SMG Facility Maintenance Software (FMS)

  • Quality assurance inspections
  • Job scheduling
  • Immediate communication
  • Performance reports
  • Time tracking
  • Trend tracking
  • Mobile access
  • Client surveys
  • Instant client accessibility
  • Document management
  • Asset / supply management

SMG CleanTelligent - Cleaning & Maintenance InspectionsCleaning & Maintenance Inspections

  • FMS online inspection module translates "on-the-ground" facts to detailed PDA info. This ensures that SMG is providing our clients with the highest quality service possible.

  • FMS helps us identify, resolve and confirm with you the quick resolution of any issues.

  • PDA-based system provides our staff with timely and accurate information.

  • Detailed inspection data by bldg/floor/room

  • Rating indicators indicating priority levels

  • Picture attachments

  • Customized weighting of services

  • Pre-defined notes speed data input

SMG CleanTelligent - Performance TrackingPerformance Tracking

  • FMS online interactive reports help us organize and analyze data, with a variety of useful charts and graphs which provide at-a-glance visuals and clear solutions to issues as they arise.

  • Through FMS, we evaluate a variety of data trends and identify performance indicators.

  • FMS tracks response time and completion of work orders, helping to resolve outstanding issues.

  • SMG can build customized reports for clients depending on you needs and goals.

  • Excel and PDF exports help keep goals on track.

  • FMS Tracking module provides us with the detailed information we need to serve you better.

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SMG CleanTelligent - Client CommunicationSimplified and Efficient Client Communication

  • A key element of the FMS is fast, open, and effective communication with you – our valued clients. This bolsters our ongoing efforts to identify, resolve and confirm rapid resolutions of any issues.

  • Client issues are quickly organized and distributed

  • PDA/smartphone messages and reports

  • We Integrate with email and/or text messaging

  • Additional online client access

  • Available client response forms and surveys

  • Auto assignment of work orders to employees

  • Customizable work order completion status

  • Auto escalation to upper management

SMG CleanTelligent - Job SchedulingJob Scheduling Made Easy

  • FMS job scheduling module ties in directly with our service inspections and detail-rich work orders. This allows us to schedule work orders and daily/periodic tasks.

  • We can also schedule services by employee or position

  • Create color coded daily job schedules

  • Full-featured calendar with repeating events

  • Our staff receives reminders of scheduled events

  • Wide variety of FMS features and options ensure that SMG is providing our clients with the highest quality service.