Hands-on Ownership, Proactive Management, Highly Skilled & Motivated Service Teams
SMG Has Over 90 Years of Expertise & Experience

SMG is a trusted provider of a wide range of facility management services. We have earned our reputation as a valued business partner by providing our clients with nearly 90 years of expertise and experience. The entire SMG team are working together to serve you — from our conscientious and thorough staff, to supervisors, managers and senior executives.

Since 1924 we have been constantly elevating the level of service and support we offer. We have distilled our decades of experience into comprehensive, cost-effective and efficient processes that provide our clients with consistently high-quality results day after day. 

SMG provides “top to bottom” building maintenance services:

  • Top Notch Care & an Excellent Value
  • A partner you can Trust

SMG represents an excellent value-added partnership:

  • SMG - business executive, workgroup meeting, clean officeHands-on ownership, proactive management team, and highly skilled and motivated service teams
  • In-house employee hiring and extensive safety, training and incentive programs
  • 24 hour emergency crews and 24 hour live dispatch
  • Advanced inspections & tracking with the SMG Facility Maintenance Software (FMS)
  • Since our founding nearly a century
    ago, we've invested countless hours into research, training, and program development in our efforts to meet and exceed our customers' needs.
  • We believe the true cost of service can be determined when an investment leads to real savings and enhanced profitability.
  • SMG provides a superior value by helping in your ongoing efforts to control facility maintenance costs, and providing the best possible presentation of your enterprise.
  • Innovative hands-on leadership from the senior management and supervisors, to on-site teams all working towards improved quality, safety, and training.
  • SMG - corporate headquarters building, glass and steel, soaring growthSMG has been providing outstanding value and peerless service since 1924. Not many companies have such a history, or a track record as successful.

  • After over 90 years in the commercial maintenance field we are not just experts in our own industry, we are deeply committed to our customer's business success as well.
  • With business liability insurance and thoroughly vetted SMG employees, you can rest assured that you are always protected.
  • The SMG Mission & Vision is to provide the highest levels of customer satisfaction, service, and value.
  • SMG Client Services Brochure, 2012